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Muggleborns gifting their pureblood friends crocs as a joke, and telling them it’s “the highest quality of shoes muggles can make”. Purebloods wearing crocs when they go out into the muggle world, smugly thinking that people are staring because they admire the style and fashion. Lily Evans doing this to James Potter. Harry and Hermione doing this to Ron. 

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but imagine wizarding music. witch composers writing pieces that can be cast rather than played. wizard luthiers embedding charms in their instruments to make sure they never go out of tune. wizarding symphonies of instruments that play themselves.

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George Weasley using the extendable ear not only because it’s a good, magical substitute for an ear but because it reminds him of his brother.

George Weasley developing a line of useful prosthetics for wizards.

George Weasley making the magical prosthetics affordable for everyone who needs them, especially veterans and victims from the wizarding war.

George Weasley advocating for health benefits from St. Mungo’s for people who can’t afford treatment.